Karavel Fram ready to resume after a bankruptcy filing

Fram saw the darkest hours of its history. In big trouble, the Toulouse tour operator goes to a bankruptcy filing. In full school holidays of All Saints, this perspective has something to scare vacationers and suppliers. "Everybody wants that nothing happens before the end of the holidays, said Jean-Pierre Mas, President of SNAV, the union of travel agencies. A bankruptcy during the holidays, would be a bad scenario. The APST, which is the financial guarantor Fram is very vigilant. "
Fram no longer afford to spend the month. Sales collapsed. Chinese HNA, which according Fram, had made a firm offer with the recovery Selectour-Afat network, withdrew. Will it be the same interest in the company after a bankruptcy filing?
At this point, there is in any case only one candidate to recovery: the French tour operator Karavel-Promovacances. Given the situation, it could take the court Fram bar, under an expressway assignment. For shareholders and creditors Fram, a disposal plan is the worst option. But Fram plays its survival. The future of more than 650 employees is threatened.Avoid panic
The dispute between the two majority shareholders Fram Georges Colson (about 40% of the capital) and his half-sister Marie-Christine Chaubet (about 40% of the capital too, with his daughter), mine field for years. If the project HNA was worn by Georges Colson, Marie-Christine Chaubet never believed.
Given the urgency of the situation, set up an assignment "prepack" would limit the damage and prevent panic among customers and suppliers. Introduced in France in connection with an order of March 2014, reforming the insolvency law, this procedure can shorten the time for an assignment once the open insolvency proceedings, talking amicably with a buyer. One way, yet little used, to better preserve assets. Perhaps the solution of last resort for Fram.

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