8 tips for business travel and recreation

1. Use ATM cards to get cash out of the country: People often wonder about the best ways to convert the currencies in other countries. But they make mistakes in the conduct of their currencies in airports or hotels that come down where; they charge a large percentage for this service. Instead, drag your money over to a foreign ATM using your bank card, in typically be the best currency exchange rate, and then have to pay a fee for this service. Another benefit of this is that you are able to withdraw the money in the form of small batches, which protect you from theft. Some ATMs may be not dealing with your bank or do not accept your card, but do not must be a dedicated ATM global banks somewhere.
2. Try not to use cash, and resort to credit cards as much as possible: Chris Mkjnez, businessman and an expert on the aviation sector and the founder (Travel Skilz- Group Travel Skills Group): "with the use of ATM useful, but many banks charge fees to meet transfers cash. So it is better to use credit cards as much as possible to buy what you want, some do not deduct fees for cash transfer.
3. Use the hotel services to reserve a table for dinner in advance: this advice always succeed even in restaurants where it is difficult booking, if you want to dine in a particular place or celebration to mark what with your family in a luxury restaurant, was not for this restaurant has its own website, you can in This situation can ask the staff at the hotel, which will hold it to ensure they Bhjosatk before traveling. But telling them about booking, location and product Sttalbha time, even if you can do this on your own bookings; The hotels have more experience in this area and you'll find you the best table in most cases. And do not forget to give the employee who take care of these important tip when you arrive.
4. Use a local or global chip phone, and seek the help of the program Skype: Buy an extra slice and phone cheap from the state that will go to it, this is the best and cheapest solution. If you're someone who frequently travel to different places you can get a slice of the global sites, such as: (Tellesteal.kom - Telestial.com) to operate in more than 100 countries meeting cheaply. The connection at home can be easily supplied through the Internet in hotels. There is no need to pay exorbitant prices for phone use, but you can use the Skype program or any similar program on the Internet, whether it be via personal computer or tablet or smartphone.
5. Use the services of travel agents to get the plane tickets: the large numbers of travel sites, offers several faces for comparison between tourism enterprises services, giving ordinary travelers the impression that they can get the best price, but this is not necessarily true. It can be qualified travel agents to create miracles and finding ways easier and cheaper to travel, as they can choose the best seats you as an additional service. Therefore, it is very useful to use travel agent, particularly when a problem occurs. This often happens, if your flight was canceled, you are better you contact your dealer instead of waiting for hours at the airport.
6. Use Airport Lounges: If you're someone who travel a lot, you can pay an annual subscription for membership in one of these salons. If you do not respond so you can only pay the entrance fee, but the annual subscription is the cheapest for you. You can also take a break, as Wi-Fi and in which there is a quiet place to work or taking a nap, or for a meal away from the bustle of people.
7. ask the best room in the hotel when you arrive to the hotel receptionist ask about the possibility of providing a better room. Sometimes they can do that, and at the very least you'll get a room that was originally requested. However, some people are trying to gain additional benefits or special treatment, saying he gala birthday or the anniversary of their marriage. But it is better to just ask politely and without further details.
8. Look Sharp: Most travelers do not take care of their appearance and never seem to anarchists. Be sure to take care of Behndamk and wears stylish clothes and tidy, and you will notice immediately that the staff are all either at the airport or on the plane or in the hotel, Siemlonc are nicer and more professional.

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