10 mysterious places on Earth

There are some places listed here may have known or heard about or saw on your own, but is still a mystery and presence baffles scientists the world and not in line with science these days, and scientists do not know the specific reason for its existence.
Here 10 of the world's most mysterious places:

1. Machu Picchu (machu picchu):
Place built by the Incas in Peru ahead in 1450 at an altitude of 2430 meters above sea level it has been taken by the Inca seat of government buildings and 3 months are the Temple of the Sun and the room with three windows and site connectivity with the sun (Intihuatana)
2. Baalbek:
It is the place in Lebanon from 3 months temples surrounded by walls in the world these walls are built of rocks that weigh each and every one of them at least 1,000 tons
The Romans had built and was one of the biggest sanctuaries in the Romanian empire
3.dzerh Easter:
They are stone formations months in Chile, where lies the South Pacific, each of which weighs more than 10 tons is not known yet of what scientists have been building such statues or reason formed this landscape
4. Stonehenge (Stonehenge):
It was built in England in 2500 BC and is one of the most striking effects of pre-history with it's moved a little bit and was a simple amendment, but it still maintains a list of the same magic that you enter the self which is a large circle is made up of huge stone blocks
Asthozatalepehriatalyahtmamalctarmanalalmevi lot of times Each of them wondering what the secret of this stunning building and what are the mathematical equations which built on its basis in order to survive in this way until we see in modern Asorna
6. The presence of archaeological ruins under water in Japan:
1995 Japanese swimmer discovered the existence of what looks like the remnants of construction of man-made underwater dating back to 5000 years

7. rock balls:
Since 1930 in Costa Rica, scientists have discovered the existence of a rocky balls of different sizes average weight of at least 18 tons

8. _i_n Itza (Chichen Itza):
This construction carried out by the Mayan civilization is said that they were doing it with some rituals to get closer to the gods for rain, the same civilization, which is expected to be the end of the world in 2012

9. Chhaonaku (Tiahuanacu):
This special construction exists in Bolivia, one of the areas there for months, he has been steadfast in this form 17,000 years, scientists believed that he used in building technology are not known so far

10. Nazca Lines (Nazca lines):
Of the most mysterious in Peru, which is a huge hand-drawn images easily, apparently by a giant hand is not known scientists and geologists so far have not been drawing these pictures, or how they were drawn, but scientists expect these drawings were for the purpose of recording the presence of people in this place in This recording time and the environment form The strange thing is that these fees can not be seen only through the use of the aircraft to the large size of these lines, shapes and graphics.

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