Hotel in Space

You can now do booking hotels hanging in space, where the rooms overlooking the unusual scene at all; the earth and the moon on the part of the other. This Hotel is in the heart of the vast space, which is adorned with huge clusters of sparkling stars.But how can you access to this space? Sikvakm only can establish a call to ask for Space Taxi!Tourism in space: the new outing for billionairesTalk about tourism in the space is increasing day after the other, and there are people willing to pay millions of dollars to participate in one of these amazing adventures flying into outer space to Earth.And it seems that the "Virgin Atalantek Aaroois company Virgin Atlantic Airways" owned by billionaire "Richard Branson", is currently preparing to first tourist flight attempts to space this year, which, through a sister company under the name "Virgin Galactic Virgin Galactic".In spite of it, and away from these flights flying into space, a time when tourists wishing to extend their stay in this vast space will come, and will want to spend time in the heavens ... and spend some nights there, why not?Accordingly, one of the companies launched a project to build a hotel in space. It is worth mentioning is responsible for building the International Space Station is a Russian company, which plans to build the first hotel in space even make a profit from this new passion, which began sneaking into the hearts of the richest men in the world.This company bearing the name "Aanerjeea Energia", which is currently looking for investors believers - like her - the need to build a private space station as a basis for the concept of tourism in space. It is believed one of the assistant engineers in the project, Mr. "Alexander Darychen", that this hotel energy for around 7 to host people.It will be equipped with equipment to allow scientists to carry out scientific research, as it would be equipped inside the area to entertain.It seems that this idea that find favor with many people, so it is currently working on a number of commercial building space ships in the world. According to the Reuters news agency, the company "Aanerjeea" entered into a partnership with the company "Orbital Technologies Orbital Technologies" until this project see the light.There are investors currently involved in this project with contributions of up to one billion dollars. He said, "Darychen," saying: "I do not think we'll be able to finish the project by 2015, but would not we need more time than that. Competition is on its way to increasing and we need to accelerate

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