10 safest countries in the world

10 safest countries in the world there are many countries on the Earth's surface bBite sophisticated, others do not, including the famous safe his life, including the vice, but have you ever wondered in a few days for the safest countries and the safety and stability in the world? Have you ever thought to where you could go in the event of strikes in the world? As an answer to these questions to you a list of more countries peaceful and secure and stable.

- New Zealand and the New Zealand top the rankings for several reasons, the most important that New Zealand is the most advanced country in the world isolation, there is no limit to the New Zealand with any other country as it is located at a relatively long distance from any other country. The second reason is the absence of any other enemy of New Zealand. The third reason is that they are safe and democratic state and contains many natural scenic havens. The most prominent reason is that the New Zealand occupies first place in the Global Peace Index. 2. Bhutan this state is one of the most isolated countries and stability in the world is located in a special place and isolated between the Himalayas. Bhutan is famous for its state and its government and people of faith need to find a solution to all conflicts. And months what distinguishes this country is that they are protected because of the geographical nature and topography.3. Iceland Iceland is famous for its state after there are no limits with any other country. It is also one of the most stable countries in the world and is classified among the best in the peace index. Iceland is not any enemy states as they contain many natural places that represent a good haven. 4. Tuvalua Tuvalua is a state made up of several small islands isolated amid Micronesia. This is the state of the safer countries in the world as it is the fourth smallest country in the world and less than a third of the population in the country. 5. Finland is not hidden on a long history of Finland with peace and the desire to stay away from the global conflicts. Finland is characterized by being a neutral country and it ranks among the top ten centers in the Global Peace Index. 6. SeychellesThe most important characteristic of this new state for many is the isolated location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, making it immune to any of the other countries. Also, a country that is only a small island in the middle of the ocean is one of the best places to relax. 7. Canada despite the fact that Canada occupies the second place in the largest countries in the world, however, has its limits with only a single state is the United States which is one of the quiet border. It is also the advantage of being a peaceful state and far from the conflict and have no enemy countries in the world. 8. Papua - New Guinea is characterized by the State as a newly discovered nor a journey to find the remains constant has recently been detected some mountainous regions that contain a lot of the most isolated places in the world they are immune from any global conflicts. 9. Costa Rica Costa Rica is characterized as one of the more neutral state in the world as it is democratic. And of the main reasons for choosing among the most secure countries is that it occupies a very good position in the ranking of world peace and the Happy Planet Index. 10. SwitzerlandSwitzerland is also famous for its long history of international neutrality, in spite of the neighboring borders of many countries that participated in previous wars, but the isolated nature of its policy and make it a safe place and away from international conflicts

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